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广大师生:华南理工大学“海内外优秀青年学者论坛”旨在面向全球邀请拥有不同学术背景的青年才俊,围绕国际科学前沿、热点研究领域以及行业产业的技术问题等展开探讨和交流。通过这个平台,互相启迪、开拓视野,增强国际交流与合作,促进双方共同发展。本次论坛的具体安排如下:论坛时间:2019年4月25日15:00报告地点:华南理工大学发光材料与器件国家重点实验室502会议室报告题目:Tailored Micelles for Catalytic Applications报 告 人:田佳 博士 欢迎广大师生参加!材料科学与工程学院2019年4月17日报告内容摘要:Producing carbon-neutral solar fuels presents a promising approach toward confronting the global warming and the fossil fuels crises from the source. Integrating all the necessary molecular components into a durable artificial system for photocatalysis is a long-term goal for scientists. Supramolecular assemblies play critical roles in natural photosynthesis that supplied most energy of the Earth by far.1 Protein and lipids as nature-made scaffolds play critical roles in photosynthetic organelles, such as plant chlorophyll, which integrate light harvesting, excitons/charges transport and catalysis in one body. Mimicking the natural behavior of light harvesting complexes that precisely manipulate the photocatalytic process is a great challenge.2 Herein, we synthesized a series of novel block co-polymers with polyferrocenyldimethylsilane as a crystallizable core-forming block and photosensitizers or catalysts embedded polymer as corona-forming block. Based on tailored hierarchical micelle architectures using living crystallization-driven self-assembly , a noble metal free integrated photocatalytic system was constructed. Photocatalytic production of hydrogen is observed in the micro-environment of the scaffold and the material is easily made. These artificial assemblies powered by visible-light are highly stabile, efficient, and recyclable at ambient temperature and pressure. This strategy provides unique insight for the design of artificial photocatalytic materials.报告人简介:田佳博士于2016年9月在中国复旦大学获得博士学位,先后在美国麻省理工担任博士后研究员和英国布里斯托大学担任玛丽居里学者。目前研究集中在生物模拟结构人工叶绿体、人工病毒设计合成与应用,人工光合作用,生物医药,超分子及高分子自组装及精确控制,超分子有机框架结构与材料,新共轭高分子,分子识别与自组装原理和方法等领域。目前以第一作者身份发表论文9篇(其中包括Nat. Commun. 2篇,Chin. Chem. Lett. 2篇,Chem. Commun. 1篇,Chem. Eur. J.1篇,Natl. Sci. Rev. 1篇),并已得到国际同行的广泛引用,目前论文总引用率达到750多次,单篇最高引用率175次。

4.Which of the following does the author cite as a weakness in the argument that bacterial chemosynthesis provides the foundation for the food chains at deep-sea vents?

报告人:Prof. Jang-Joo Kim(金嶂柱教授,首尔大学)

报告题目:Supramolecular Architectures for Light Harvesting and Energy Conversion – can we accomplish Artificial Photosynthesis?报 告 人:Frank Würthner教授(Center for Nanosystems Chemistry & Institut für Organische Chemie, Universität Würzburg)邀 请 人:马於光 教授报告时间:2019年3月6日 下午3:00-5:00报告地点:北区科技园1号楼发光材料与器件国重N308A报告厅欢迎广大师生参加!材料科学与工程学院2019年2月28日报告简介:Natural photosynthesis provides a blueprint for a future technology that may deliver clean energy for a sustainable hydrogen and/or carbon based cycle. In natural photosynthesis various molecular components are properly assembled to accomplish light harvesting, charge separation and catalytic water splitting into hydrogen and oxygen. Understanding the operating principles of the natural photosynthetic apparatus and designing artificial counterparts that accomplish the elemental steps of natural photosynthesis are therefore topics of considerable scientific interest [1]. In this lecture I will highlight recent achievements of our laboratory with regard to light harvesting and exciton transport in dye aggregates [2], symmetry-breaking charge separation in perylene bisimide cyclophanes [3] and photo-driven water oxidation by macrocycles bearing three ruthenium centers [4] and ruthenium-functionalized cadmium CdS nanorods [5].


A.What causes warm-water vents to form? B.Do vent faunas consume more than do deep-sea faunas of similar size? C.Do bacteria live in the vent water of smokers? D.What role does hydrogen sulfide play in chemosynthesis? E.What accounts for the locations of deep-sea smokers? 2.The information in the passage suggests that the majority of deep-sea faunas that live in nonvent habitats have which of the following characteristics?


A.describe a previously unknown natural phenomenon B.reconstruct the evolution of a natural phenomenon C.establish unequivocally the accuracy of a hypothesis D.survey explanations for a natural phenomenon and determine which is best supported by evidence E.entertain (to receive and take into consideration “refused to entertain our plea”) criticism of the author’s research and provide an effective response

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